Introducing our new HP Latex 360 Printer

HP Latex 360

This new printer helps to build a healthier environment inside & out. Healthier printing using latex inks which require no special ventilation making odourless prints. A safer workplace as the latex inks are non-flammable, non-combustable and nickel free as opposed to the solvent-based inks more commonly used in other printers. It produces high quality prints for indoors and outdoors at great production speeds making it ideal for handling urgent jobs. We can offer a wide range of products including…

Point of Purchase Posters Point of Purchase Posters

Great results on all types of paper, including low-cost uncoated papers and traditional offset papers.

Light Boxes Light Boxes

Produce high-resolution prints up to 1200dpi with vibrant, saturated colours.

Outdoor & Event Banners Outdoor & Event Banners

High-quality results with scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner. Outdoor display permanence up to 3 years unlaminated and up to 5 years laminated.

Wraps and Graphics Wraps & Graphics

We can laminate right after printing – no need to wait for prints to dry. The flexible ink layer conforms to complex surfaces.

Wallcoverings + canvas Wallcoverings & Canvas

Odourless prints meet high environmental and health standards – ideal for hotels, restaurants and schools.

Temporary textiles Temporary Textiles

Print on a wide variety of textiles, including uncoated and natural textiles. An easy-to-use solution compared to dye-sublimination techniques.

We can produce prints up to 64” wide by whatever length you require. Give us a call on 01472 350442 to see how our new HP Latex 360 Printer can help to benefit you.


Card ‘Canvas’ Prints Offer

Card 'Canvas' Prints Offer

Our Card ‘Canvas’ Prints offer several unique advantages over Canvas prints of a similar size. Firstly, they are lightweight which makes hanging them safe and easy. They also maintain their rigidity over time – there is no risk of the canvas stretching since they are not made of canvas.

Best of all, they are exceptionally cost effective, costing much less than a similar sized Canvas Print.

Card ‘Canvas’ Prints look fantastic in offices and homes alike. They can brighten up a dull corridor or bring fresh life to any room and, at the price we are offering them for, you can afford to change them as often as you like. They are available in two sizes, 850mm x 620mm and 1240mm x 850mm.

For the next two weeks we are giving you the opportunity to see for yourself why our Card Canvas Prints are causing such a stir and to save even more money at the same time with an extra 15% off our already great prices.

Card ‘Canvas’ Prints can be made from any good resolution image. Just send us your photo and let us do the rest. Or you may prefer to choose a library photo. If you go to there are thousands to choose from on every subject imaginable. Simply tell us which image you would like (they are all numbered).

Ordering Card ‘Canvas’ Prints could not be easier, to get started go to our website and click buy online, choose the size and quantity of Prints you would like. At the shopping basket enter the code RV15CP in the voucher code box and click confirm. 15% will be deducted from the cost of your Prints.

We hope you will get the chance to benefit from this exciting promotion!

25% off Standard Canvas Prints

25% off Standard Canvas Prints

There has been a real split within the team about our latest bi-weekly offer! Some say that, with no particular special occasion on the horizon, an offer of 25% off Standard Canvas Prints is unlikely to be popular, while others feel that as the country awakes from a long dull winter such a great discount on a bright and popular product will be extremely well received – what do you think?

Standard Canvases are available in three sizes: 210mm square, 350mm square and 500mm square, so whatever your subject we have a canvas to fit. The canvas is stretched over a sustainable kiln dried redwood frame and the print is guaranteed for seventy five years, so these really are presents which are built to give lasting pleasure whatever the occasion. Plus Canvas Prints are great ways of brightening up an office, corridor or reception area and are a great way of displaying Products and Projects.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1) Go to: and click buy online, then select Canvas Print Standard

Step 2) Order your Canvas Print and add it to your basket.

Step 3) Enter the Voucher Code: RV25CAN and press submit. 25% will be deducted from the price of your print.

Ordering Standard Canvas Prints really could not be easier!

This offer is available until Friday 10th May, 2013.